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New Home Sales Rise as Rates Drop

New home sales have risen as mortgage rates drop continuously, according to recent reports. While other parts of the economy continue their chill, demand for new U.S. homes was on the rise in May for the second straight month as mortgage rates dropped. This has bolstered the residential real-estate market, which of course had been […]

Finance a Home Repair With a Home Equity Loan

If you are looking for ways to finance a home repair, considering a home equity loan could work for you. First of all, you have to know what a home equity loan is, and before you decide on leveraging on your home’s equity, you also would need to know the benefits and pitfalls of home […]

All About Credit Reports: Know Where You Stand

Knowing all about credit reports is a way to put yourself in a position to get the mortgage and home you desire. Credit reports reveal detailed information about how you spend your money and the current and past debt obligations you have created. You should definitely know where you stand before you apply for a […]

Real Estate Calculators: How Can They Help You?

Using a real estate calculator is a great way to weigh your personal finances vs. a real estate purchase you are looking to make. So how can they help you? Well, there are many different calculators for various purposes, and each one can potentially be beneficial by giving you an idea of how much you […]

Want to Make Mortgage Payments More Affordable? Refinance!

If you want to make mortgage payments more affordable, refinancing your mortgage could help. Refinancing can be the right decision whenever you want to restructure your finances, pay off debts, or simply want to save more money. Lower interest rates are often the primary motivation for refinancing. This is because it can both make mortgage […]

Is the economy improving? Mortgages in Chicago, Illinois – June 2012

Lending is Still Tight, but Things Are Looking Up You might be starting to notice that our economy is recovering, slowly yet surely, from the slump we have been in the past few years. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has even remarked, in his recent speech, that the banking industry has been showing improvement. Also, […]

What is APR? How Does it Apply to My Mortgage?

Knowing ‘What is APR and how does it apply to my mortgage?’ can help you in the hunt for a quality mortgage, a home that is in your budget and fits your needs. APR stands for “annual percentage rate.” It is not actually a number that affects the cost of your loan, but is more […]