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How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

Personal loans seem impossible to get if one’s credit score is shot. However, a poor credit score does not mean a loan is impossible. Fact is – one can still get a loan with bad credit.

How is that possible?

Well, according to, there are still lenders out there who are not only willing to grant personal loans to people with bad credit, but are also willing to help these people re-establish their credit.

What the situation calls for is a little initiative, a loan with bad credit is possible if one knows where to look. So, some searching would be in order to know where one could get a loan with bad credit.

However, before one sets off on this mission they have to acquaint himself first with their own credit report. Is it really as bad as what they were told? Perhaps someone made a mistake? Whatever the reasons, one should always verify their credit report and if there are errors, have those fixed right away. Once errors are fixed, one’s credit score would change and that would improve one’s chances at getting personal loans.

In the event one’s credit score is really shot, it is not the end of the world. As mentioned earlier, there are places where one could get a loan with bad credit.

Relatives and Friends. This should be one of the first options someone looking for a loan with bad credit should try. Friends and family members know who you are, and naturally, would trust you more with personal loans than complete strangers sitting behind a desk at some swanky office.

Credit Unions. Credit unions are different from banks and other lending institutions in that they tend to be a little more personal. What that means is they look at the person, and not make conclusions based only on credit scores printed on a piece of paper.

Peer to Peer Lending. This is another more “personal” type of lending service where potential lenders actually listen to one’s plight. This service is another good option for getting a loan with bad credit.

Approaching friends, family, credit unions, and peers could help someone acquire personal loans even if they have bad credit. However, sometimes that is not enough.

Sometimes, someone applying for a loan with bad credit would be asked to put up collateral and usually that would mean the house. Borrowing against one’s house is risky, but not unusual. Lenders, of course are always looking for guarantees that their money would be returned and putting up collateral satisfies them.

If it concerns only small personal loans, sometimes a friend or family member co-signing would suffice.

When looking for a loan with bad credit, one has to bear in mind that he is already at a disadvantage. The possibility of digging a hole too deep to climb out of would always be there. So, once the borrower with bad credit finds a lender willing to accommodate him, the former should always watch out for potential acts of the latter to take advantage of the situation.