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Need a Loan? Start Here...

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Home Equity Loan in Chicago

The popularity of home equity loans to homeowners is easy to see. With this type of loan’s ability to increase cash on hand to be poured back into the home’s repair or renovation, homeowners cannot help but be attracted to it.

But as with anything that is good, there will always be unscrupulous individuals or institutions out there just waiting to take advantage of unwitting homeowners.

Before you find yourself sweet talked into signing a home equity loan contract with staggering interest and fees and terms of repayment that are disadvantageous to you, take a minute to understand how vital it is that you find the right lender who can give you the loan that you need.

Chicago Mortgage Spot can connect you with the right professionals who CARE enough to give you the home equity loan with the terms and conditions that are very satisfactory to you.

By weeding out the poor performing and questionable lenders, we have built a list of competent, honest, and professional brokers and lenders in the Chicago, IL area who are willing to work with you even if you happen to have a bad credit score.

Allow Chicago Mortgage Spot to help you find the best local broker who will deal with potential lenders for you and only have your best interest in mind.

Unlocking your home’s equity should not be a long and tedious process that leaves you frustrated or cheated in the end.

With just 2 minutes or less of your time, and with absolutely no charges whatsoever, you can be well on your way to accomplishing that.

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Chicago Mortgage Spot’s Simple 4 Step Process:

  1. Start by filling out our super short mortgage quote form (under 2 minutes). It is 100% Secure and we ask for NO Confidential Information Upfront.
  2. We match your request with a participating lender typically matched for loan type and credit type.
  3. You receive a follow up email and phone call in 24-48 hours for a brief consultation and discuss loan options and hopefully get pre-approved.*

*Further financial documentation may be required at this time. Please be prepared to provide tax returns and other documentation to the lender to prove income history and current expenses.